Thursday, 20 March 2014


              Welcome to "Home"!

This is the "homepage" of my blog. a list of links to other features will be slowly growing below:

Givaway Page (remember, please only go here if you have genuinely been scammed or hacked, maybe in the future I will be more rare and able to do a seperate giveaway for people who haven't been scammed/hacked but for now I am not rare enough.) CONTESTANT COUNT (how many people who have entered so far): 0
About Me!(where you find out what I look like and my pets too, I will update this but remember, my blog is still under construction)
Videos!(all the videos on animal jam I ever did, so you can find all your helpful hints and tips here)
Known Scammers(A page where all the scammers and hackers that I know of are listed, you can choose to report and/or block them, and leave a comment here if you know of dangerous jammers you think people should know about and I will put them up)
Update Page(Here you will find the updates and latest things going on in Jamaa, currently I don't have anything here, but check back soon*!)
Poptropica(a post for those who play this game, walkthroughs and tips can be found here, you can even join now if you want via the link)
Jamasian Legends(a post about the ways things were created and why we have them)
comments here can be for general chitchat(no buddy requests/requests for rares plz I need those for giveaways and my buddy list is full)if you want to trade but can never find me online or something, since I am a friendly jammer I am always willing to make arrangements and stuff. Happy jamming!
                 Humming bird bar Animation
*I will update this when I know that jammer(s) view this blog and need my constant posts, please leave a comment so I know you are there.


omegacheeseballs said...

I'm here! I luv your blog BTW.

Kaysha Dolton said...

Aww thx :D I'm glad someone cares XD