Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The First Givaway


The First Givaway!

Time, My friends, for what you've all been waiting for ^.^ (I should think). Please note that these givaways are for real life scammed/hacked jammers, and not just for people who are "rare" and just greedy. I am not particularly rare myself but I hope that spare rares will come as this blog becomes more famous and perhaps I get to be like snowyclaw or julian2 and can afford to give the scammed/hacked a better push forward*. Only comment once (comments are to enter the giveaway only)please or it gets out of hand.
What to include in these comments:
1. Your username (or I can't send you anything D:)

2. Whether you were scammed or hacked, and your status now (what was taken and how it effects your rare status)

3. Member or non member (I have no preference, this is for a runners up thing, I need to know the best way to help you, as I can't send a non member a gift.

4. Username of scammer (if possible) and short story of what happened (for people reading this to know the different ways a scammer attacks, how to avoid them and dangerous know "jammers" [if they deserve the tital "jammer"] who are out there).

5. An item or request so if you don't win the giveaway I can at least do something.

This is what's up for grabs:

so go ahead and ENTER, guys! don't just stand there! and click the link in the vid for a better look at your prize! ^.^ comment on youtube if you can!
Okey dokey since no-one entered I gave it to my scammed buddy, so, new giveaway!
Rare viking hat :D

REMEMBER: Be honest about being scammed/hacked. If you lie, you are letting down the jammers who have genuinely been scammed/hacked, and so ask yourself, is it really any better than the scammers/hackers themselves?

*in future I hope to offer more than one item and better ones, for now I have to start small until I get more rares and I would be thankful for any donations but that sounds dodgy so I understand if no-one wants to donate. Thanks guys.

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Kaysha Dolton said...

Hey just in case your unsure, here is a draft comment:
2. Scammed. Rare headdress, was not my only possession, so I have mannaged to get another, but it still effected me and made me sad.
3. Member
4. Don't know the user, but I was fooled by this: they were my buddy. Goes to show, right? trust is sometimes misplaced. they used the old "trade me I decline" they decline at first but then accept when the trades are really good.
5. I would like a feast table from epic wonders.
Hope that helps you.