Friday, 21 March 2014


                        About Me >:D

Hi guys, here is a page about me in Jamaa, you probably aren't intrested, but for those who are, here is how to recognise me:

My fox:

Mythical Daringpride

My wolf:

Snowflake Fastclaws

My arctic wolf:

Arctic Wolf

My Eagle:

Eternal Daringmoon

My rabbit:

Duchess Canyonivy

I have many more animals but I won't bore you with them all, as they probably wouldn't fit on the page, but this should help you identify me in Jamaa. ;)

          Humming bird bar Animation
         My favourite pet

You maybe wondering why I have made space in my blog to yatter on about my favourite pet, but she maybe the key thing that distincts me from other jammers. My first pet I ever got:

Windninja, a snake. she is extremely distinctive, as she has a unique item: her skulls. they are darkish purple and float off her, you can see them in the above pictures. she is black and has a hood, with a purple tummy (my guess the reason her skulls are purple). The skulls floating off her back have earned me the possision of "mage"* in the clan I belong to. She is probably my favourite item of all, due to this unique factor. ;D

          Humming bird bar Animation       My Posts/comments

To understand my posts/comments a bit, here is some tips:
When I break a page (start a new subject under an old tital) I put a little GIF of a humming bird vissiting flowers like this: 
               Humming bird bar Animation
I sign any comments like this:


If you want to find a certain post, go to home, (there is a link at the top of every page to this) then find the post you want there.
             Humming bird bar Animation
             My den!
I'm sure some of you would like to see my den, but maybe I'm offline or too  busy to give you a tour... well, in that case... here we go...

Welcome, this is my den. feel free to sample pumpkins and mushrooms, "play" with "playful" Alfred the     phantom, spot the rare horned ghost tiger in the tree, dodge the annoying ghosts, howl in the forest room and OH WATCH OUT THAT TREE'S BITE IS WORSE THAN ITS BARK! too late... sorry.
It's a little laggy so my chat bubble takes ages to appear. No idea why.


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