Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Known Scammers

Known Scammers

Hey jammers, here is a page I will list all the scammers I know about here:

(The following are from Secret Anti-Scammer Society you can follow this link to SASS if you want more info on these scammers.





Hackers from the same site as above:




and, famously, Fman122, though his user was blocked so he no longer exists as that account, it is suspected that he now lurks under the user of... 

*drumroll and organ playing in the background...*


And now a little video I made to warn you how to get rid of hackers, and hopefully together we can make Jamaa a safer place:

Other scammers (who have tried to scam me or my buddies):

. sampup3567
. foxlove1298 (this is a bit of a grey area)
. sup104 
Itziggyazalea + MONKEY (storage account)

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Foxlove1298 said...

Hmm I wonder why Im up there... Yes Im foxlove1298, Please tell me what I was doing and why it says a Bit of a grey area..