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Jamasian legends!

Here are some legends that I have done from the Monday mystery:

The trapdoor of the chamber of knowledge... a long story to be sure. when Zios' original temple was destroyed by the phantoms, all the things that could be salvaged were rescued. there were books, statues, books, relics, books, fountains, books, decore, books, scrolls, books and other objects (and books). There were a lot of books. There were books about plants, books about animals, books about history, about science, old legends and...Spell Books. These Spell Books were classified, dangerous and powerful. So powerful even the weakest (magically/spiritually) could use them. in one of these terrible books was the very spell that destroyed Zios and his temple, causing Mira to cry and create phantoms. All of these horrific books were stored in a trapdoor in the chamber of knowledge, and the trapdoor was cast with a spell to make sure jammers couldn't even walk on it's surface, let alone open it! the chamber of knowledge was locked up and left for hundreds of years...But now, it has been re-discovered and opened up, even if you leave a donation of gems to the temple you may take to your den a statue, still amazingly intact... along the shelves lie not piles of dust but readable books, perhaps now, as eagles penetrate the spell and step upon the trapdoor curiosity will overcome one jammer and we may find someone opening the trapdoor, finding some dusty but amazingly preserved old books and reading aloud the fatal words...If anyone sees anything please tell me, the chamber of knowledge is one of questions and uncertainty too... maybe it should be renamed...
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The volcano story:
So the reason starts long ago, when Mira And Zios were creating Jamaa. A mistake took place. Mira was busy working her imagination, and happy, with primitive jammers walking about below, she decided to experiment, she was working with an experiment, fondly watching the primitive jammers experiment with spells and books, jotting them down, performing them and having a good time. Mira was doing a very delicate experiment with a dark substance when she got some in her eye. Being Mira, created by Zios to never feel mortal things like pain, she didn't notice. carrying on with the experiment she shaped her creation roughly cone shaped, her plan was it could make a beautiful display in the sky, reds and oranges lighting up the dark of night's purples and blacks, and it would be safe as long as jammers weren't to close. The cone-shaped object was roughly taking a shape inside too, with caverns and corridors, Mira thought it would make a great place to go and use for whatever purpose whenever it wasn't erupting. Suddenly her attention was drawn by a dark solitary wolf,* staring intently at a Spellbook, chanting the words. A deep feeling of foreboding came over her as she glanced uneasily at Zios.............
*This was Greely's ancestor. I guess his family has dark bloodlines after all. So that's why he has a much stronger connection with phantoms than the average Alpha OR Jammer.

Chanting the words, the curious wolf summoned a spell, that was a terrible mistake. No wonder all the alpha's don't entirely trust Greely, after all these thousands of years. Back to the story, The wolf chanted the spell and Mira stared in horror at Zios, as he started to disappear. She could only watch, as she clawed as empty air, as her beloved Zios vanished before her eyes. Clouded by hatred, mistrust, and a hollow ripping, wrenching saddness her eyes filled with tears. But they were no ordinary tears, and I bet you forgot about that little piece of darkness that got caught in her eye... so she cried a living substance, but born in hatred and grief it could only hate and destroy.
The Phantom Time had come.
In her clouded eyes Mira saw the destruction of her primitive world she had created with Zios, but could do nothing. her heart had left with Zios. Over centuries she recovered and banished the phantoms to a place they couldn't leave. Made of the same dark substance and the phantoms, the volcano Mira had been working on that very day would serve as a prison for these dark creatures. The book that contained the spell that made Zios vanish, along with others of it's type, was locked away in the chamber of knowledge.* Mira developed a team of jammers called the Alphas, who helped her fight off the phantoms. and as double protection she had a statue put up in the township of Jamaa (a small settlement where most jammers lived now, the primative stage of the species having developed massively) where she protected them from the sight, sound and smell of the volcano, and gradually jammers forgot about the phantoms, legand became myth, became story, became phantomtale** and with the Alphas jammers soon forgot. until the alphas returned with some extraordinary news, and Mira started making new animals (like deer and eagles) and the phantoms returned...
*Did any of you read my explanation of the trapdoor of the chamber of knowledge? well these books should be familiar if you did...
**Phantomtale - heard of a place called earth, where strange creatures called humans are the "dominant" species? well they have something very similar called "fairytales".
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River Story (part one):
Long ago the animals were happy and all of them were freinds with each other.


OK, they weren't. Well, no-one noticed, so it was all right, kind of. until one day a young wolf cub called Snowflake Fastclaws was playing in the forest, and explored further than she should've.
"Snowflake? Snowflake? Where are you, little one?" Her mother called anxiously after her, she didn't listen, all she could think was,
I'm free! I'm free! Let no-one take this from me! I will finally see the world, and when I get back in one piece, maybe mum* will let me go out more often without stopping me!
Little Snow ran as fast as her huge paws and stubby legs would carry her, the wind in her fur, darting between the trees, not looking back, letting the smells of the forest fill her nose. She ran for what felt like hours, but must only have been about 30 minutes. Then stopped. she felt the odd grainy texture beneath her pads, moving her toes in it then jumping about, she liked this golden stuff. She rolled in it and the came across a hill, rolling down it she yipped* in joy. she landed in the open, and shook her silky coat, spraying golden grains everywhere. then she looked ahead.
and stopped.
and stared.
and gaped.
Her eyes widened.
"No way...!"
Snowflake gaped at the vast expanse of blue. Now, of course she'd come across water, and lakes before, but nothing had prepared her for the sea. Eyes wide she took a hesitant step forward, wondering if a movement would shatter the beautiful sight that must surely be a dream. She moved tentatively forward, with more confidant steps as the vision appeared to hold. An idea occurred to her. She bent at the edge of the water, and sought to test whether or not she was unconscious. She drank.
"UGH" Snow reared back. The salty taste had been unexpected and caught her by surprise. It was at this point that she realised no plant life seemed to take advantage of the water, as from left to right nothing but the beach of golden grains of sand was in sight, as though Zios had drawn a line at a certain point, an invisible barrier to stop any plant from touching the bitter waters of the ocean. Not easily put off, the young wolf cub decided that as it was a clear day she would put to practise "wolfy-paddle"*** and swim out as far as she could, before she ran out of energy for the swim back.
Snow started out with strong paw sweeps, surging forth as fast as the wind (or so she thought) happily making her way to... wherever the sea went. She didn't know anything about it. suddenly clouds blocked out the sun.
Brrrr... It's so cold all of a sudden, I think just a bit further then I'll head back, I can always try another day. Thought Snowflake, but luck was not on her side, it started to rain. Snow looked back and suddenly realised how far she'd come
Whoa. Can I even SWIM that again? She thought.
Oh dog. Hmmm... well, guess I'd better try. She Wolfy-paddled*** with all her might, attempting to get to shore as vicious storm raged up. Then, spent of all energy, she went under.
TO BE CONTINUED (yep, there's more!)

The River Story (part three):
When snow woke up, there was something strange, all around her. The strange things looked like this:
         \ * \
          |    \_____                                                                                          
         ./ /-------,    \
         '-'         /_/\_\
and one of them, a small one, was looming over Snow, with a toothy (Snowflake hoped) smile.
"Are you awake?" it asked.
"Your a weird looking one."
"Wha..." Snowflake gasped "Where... Where am I? What and I doing here? And what are YOU?!"
"I'm a seal, like most of us, appart from penguins and a few other animals, yourself not on the list, we ocupy the ocean. Your on Our Rock, because we rescued you. What are YOU, may I ask? Mummy* said she'd never seen one of you before..."
"I'm a wolf and along with all other creatures I know, I belong to the land, is "Sea" the name for this horrible tasting water that goes in all directions?"
"Yes, so there are more of you? I've never been to the land, mother  says it's dangerous... what's it like?"
"Well... it's dry. and safe, and beautiful! I guess I wish I'd never left it..."
"Safe? could you take me there?"
"No! I wish I could but I don't know where I am, I can't see anything as far as the sea spreads..."
"Could I take you there?"
"I don't know... I miss mother wolf... Mira, please help me..."
Snow looked up, and saw a blue seagull.
"WHOA! What's that?" She asked, pointing with her nose.
"It's a blue seagull, though they're usually white/grey..."
"Lets follow it!"
"OK, get on my back!"
Snow clambered on.
"My name is Dancing Icybreeze, what's yours?"
"Snowflake Fastclaws, thanks for this!"
"No problem," dancing shot through the water like an arrow.
"I wanted to go to the land anyway"
You've probably solved the mystery of the blue seagull, who was Mira, and she was creating as she went, a new idea had come, when she saw how Dancing and Snowflake got on, she made a new thing, a RIVER, a path to and from the sea so animals that could got on land and in water could visit the land, and all animals could communicate. It also meant she could help the lost wolf cub get home to his mum, via the river, so the blue seagull showed the seal pup and wolf cub a new thing neither animal had seen before.
"Look! What's that?" Snowflake pointed. leading into the township was a winding trail of water, which dancing swam up.
"I don't know, but I can take you to your mum from here..."
Snowflake was reunited with her mother, and lived happily, visited often by dancing and other seals and penguins. Jamasians were no longer separated by where they lived, and everyone was happy with the new rivers.
Thank you for reading :3
*Yipped, in this context means a laugh, but for a wolf cub
**Mum/mummy, I'm english so if your american you can translate that to mom or mommy

***Wolfy-paddled, equivalent of doggy-paddle
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How treasure chests are in the adventure:
Mira was in a playful mood as she made different animals come to life, different plants unfold in the sunlight and different things happen anew. At the end of the day she decided to show Zios a new idea she had, and at the same time she wanted to have fun as well. She set up her idea/game then went to find her playmate.*
"Zios," she called, "Could you come here a moment?"
Zios wandered over, curious as to what Mira might have planned for him.
"I have hidden lots of treasure chests in The Forbidden Areas, see if you can find them!" Mira sang happily, sure Zios would like her new idea. Zios made a point of searching high and low to please Mira, he could simply use his ability to know where each and every atom was in the universe, how they aligned, etc etc, but he wanted to make Mira happy so he didn't. When a large pile of beautifully made chests had formed Mira grew impatient to show her idea and stopped him eagerly.
"Well?" Mira waited for his response to her idea. Zios nodded.


He communicated.**
Mira was overjoyed, she too thought her idea was nice, it was clothes for the animals, so animals of Jamaa could make themselves even more individual and unique than before and gems, a currency animals could use to purchase these items.
Years later the phantoms' actions caused the treasure chests containing clothes and gems to be dug up, but phantoms had no desire to own beautiful objects like chests of treasure, so they are left as they are, for certain lucky jammers to find in adventures.
*playmate - I like to portray Zios and Mira as not just a couple, but two who play and have fun with each other.

**communicated - Zios doesn't talk as much as communicate, so that's why there are no speech marks, and I don't say "said".
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Mira and Zios are the two Jamasian gods. They are a couple made for each other, and parted sadly. Here is their tale:

And so it was that the Sky Father was named Zios. He created many stars and planets, and set them in motion. But after eons of creation, he became lonely. So he created the Sky Mother, a grey heron, and named her Mira. Mira was beautiful and kind and they were very happy together. She loved Zios deeply and often told him how talented he was, encouraging him to create. Together, Zios and Mira created their masterpiece: a lush land filled with oceans, mountains, meadows, and all kinds of plants and animals. They named this special world Jamaa, and for hundreds of years, the world and its animals were at peace.
But today, all is not well in Jamaa. A mysterious dark force has crept into the land, stealing away animals and ruining the beauty of Jamaa. Only you can help save the animals and restore the world to its glory. Please help, for you are Jamaa's only hope.
~Jamasian Legend~

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